BNA Services


Whether you have a stand alone system or a large network with thousands of stations worldwide,
our technical consultants can do your work!

  • Contract to Hire
    Many employers want to work with a consultant for a ninety day contract for services period before making a commitment to a permanent offer. This is called a contract to hire and allows both the prospective employee and the employer to get acquainted and understand each others' expectations and work habits.

  • Lease Back Employee
    Consider hiring previous full time employees as full or part-time consultants. They bring knowledge and experience to your projects that are even more valuable for their understanding of the policies, goals and company culture.

  • Payroll Services
    There are many times when a certain project needs extra staffing though there are limitations to hiring more full-time employees for one particular situation. Placing these needed people on a different company payroll is frequently the best solution.

    BNA also offers these other services:

  • Outsourcing: There are various ways of Outsourcing. For example, give the project to us to run offsite, and return as a completed deliverable; or outsource a management team for a department. We will be happy to design a solution for your particular needs.

  • Technical Writing: We offer the skills of writers who have proven, state of the art systems experience who produce outstanding publications ranging from manuals, specifications to Requests for Proposals and report presentations.

  • Administration: We excel in providing consultants for help desk support, network and systems administration, troubleshooting, as well as administration for physical off-site storage and backup systems in a variety of media.

  • The Internet and WWW: We offer qualified consultants to work on servers, creating a site or a home page. We have the ability to work for large or small enterprises to care for all their design needs.

  • Multi-Media: Our resources also include state of the art designers and engineers who are expert with this rapidly growing industry. We can provide you with graphics, animation, voice integration, etc., for any project whether a slide presentation or multimedia product.

    For more information on BNA Services please contact bren@bren-bna.com.

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