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January 2004

California Small Business Association, meeting with Senator Jackie Speier on small business issues (technology, workers comp, healthcare)

December, 2003

Virgin Records CEO Richard Branson receives Teach Me Music CD in person from Bren.

December 19, 2003

British American Chamber of Commerce
Annual 1000 person Christmas Lunch. Bren was invited to sing the British and American National Anthems.

November 2003

Teach Me Music released by Bren for parents, teachers and children of all ages (educational CD see )

August, 2003

California Small Business Association, committee which meets with Senator Jackie Speier on small business issues.

November 21, 2001

"One's in Blue" CD audio release by Bren Wrona Norris.

"One's in Blue" In The News....

April 21, 2001

Mystery Writers Association of Northern California
High Tech Crime, focus on computer forensics and reality.

March 21, 2001

British American Chamber of Commerce and Genus Corporation.
"High Tech Sleuths" panel member and moderator on High Tech Crime and how to solve the mysteries. 

June 21, 2001

SBA, San Francisco
Importance of WEBSITES to small businesses.

 July, 1999

Featured article on BNA taken from speech given at the Federal Reserve Bank entitled, "SECRETS (Gaining access to Capital)"

June 1999, Speaker, Mentor

WITI Conference Santa Clara June 8-11
Winning IT strategies: Aligning business goals and information technology

June 1999

Invited Guest for Campaign dinner with Senator Jackie Speier
Fairmont Hotel San Francisco.

May 1999

Interviewed by Wired Women News/ with ABC news for the upcoming Women in Technology Conference.

April 1999

Gore 2000 Event in Silicon Valley
Reception with Vice President Al Gore.

March 1999

San Francisco Book Signing with the authors of "The Women who Broke all the Rules." Bren is one of the case studies in this book that deals with women breaking barriers and how the choices of a generation Changed our lives.

October 1998

Charleston SC Keynote Speech "What I learned along theway"
Conference with the National Association of Women Business Owners and Federal Reserve Bank (Gaining Access to Capital Start to Finish).

September 1998

Charlotte NC Keynote Speech. "ShhhΙitΥs a Secret"
Conference with the National Association of Women Business Owners and Federal Reserve Bank (Gaining Access to Capital Start to Finish).

June 1998, Speaker

WITI (women in technology conference) Santa Clara June 24 -25th "Building a Consulting practice."

April 1998

London UK. UK US partners in Technology with the BACC. BNA hosted the largest breakfast forum of the event with guest speaker Herman Hauser from the UK.

April May 1998

London UK Nationsbanc Montgomery Securities High Tech conference. Invited guest of Montgomery Securities.

November 1997

VEC from Tokyo Japan came to BNA to work with her regarding the setting up of an organization similar to SCORE in the SBA, which Bren used in the beginning of her business. VEC has invited Bren to visit Japan in 1998.

August 20, 1997

Recipient of Vice President Al Gore's Hammer Award with the team of the U S Business Advisor.

July 8, 1997 – Speaker and Facilitator

SBA and NWBC have selected 40 women to work on policy recommendations for congress that will enhance women business owners access to credit and capital .

June 3-6, 1997 – Speaker

WITI (Women in Technology International) Conference.
Wednesday, June 4"Meet the Mentors" VIP reception
Thursday, June 5"The Business of Starting Your Own Business"
Friday, June 6"Small Business Roundtable".

May 19, 1997

Bren is announced as one of the three finalists for Woman Owned Business of the Year.

May 12-16 1997

Britain Meets the Bay: UK /US Partners in Technology Conference. BNA hosted the CEO breakfast for the kickoff of the conference open to the public. Bren introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Hermann Hauser, Britain's Top High Technology VC.
May 12 1997Golf tournament and awards ceremony with HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Bren was on the committee to introduce HRH Prince Andrew.
May 13, 1997Conference and evening cocktail party with HRH Prince Andrew.
May 14, 1997BNA hosted the CEO breakfast for the kickoff of the conference open to the public. Bren introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Hermann Hauser, Britain's Top High Technology VC.

April 8, 1997

Bren was nominated for "NAWBO Woman Owned Business of the Year Award."

January 17-21, 1997

Bren was invited to the Inauguration of President William Jefferson Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. She attended the California Ball.

January 13, 1997 – Speaker

SBA Grand Opening of the Technology Center in San Francisco. Bren spoke on her hands-on experience using Microsoft Office 95 and Office 97.

January 8, 1997

BNA hosted a partner from Tokyo, Japan. Tempstaff came to visit BNA.

October 1996

Women Business Owners Corporation. Bren made additional comments on the draft of the National Certification Program Standards and Procedures.

August 21, 1996 – Speaker

Asian Business Association 7th Annual Business Conference: Women Warriors.
Bren was one of four outstanding women business owners who have been successful in a male dominated industry.

June 1996

White House reception "Common Sense Government Works Better and Costs Less." This was the presentation to President Clinton from Vice President Gore, which included the US Business Advisor. Bren worked on the web site

May 1996

Tech B ing Magazine in Tokyo, Japan, published an article on HighTech Consulting which included a segment on BNA. (Japanese)

April 1996 – Speaker

UC Berkeley: "International Business in the Middle East" with former Ambassador Nick Thatcher.

November 1995 – Speaker

Governor's Conference for Women: Call to Action. Her topic was "Technology as a Tool for Growth." This prestigious conference is held annually in San Diego. Governor Pete Wilson introduced the main event.

October 23, 1995

Asian Business Association wrote an article on BNA. Business Bio of the week.

October 4, 1995

Association for Women In Computing: Panel Topic: Consulting Career Options Myth vs. Reality.

September 26, 1995

Asian Business Association: Virtual Offices Here There Everywhere, Sub Topic Leased and Contract Employees.

September 7,1995

BNA was acknowledged as a contributing business owner to the U.S. Business Advisor.

June 1995

White House Conference on Small Business. Bren Norris was elected a delegate to this conference in Washington DC. Her area of expertise was technology/information systems. Her recommendation was voted first in the western region and 8th in the national poll. This is the first time a technology recommendation was included in the top ten issues for congress.

April 5, 1995 – Speaker

Santa Clara University MBA Alumni Association Entrepreneurs Forum. Panelist.

March 28, 1995

As a new delegate, Bren was quoted in "Heading for the National Arena" an article written in the San Francisco Chronicle.

March 16, 1995

Bren Norris is elected a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business. She will be working on recommendations to congress in the area of technology and information systems.

March 6, 1995 – Published article written by Bren

"The Major issues facing Small Businesses today." Business Journal.

May 12, 1994 – Speaker

Women of Leadership, Power and Influence Professional Businesswomen's Conference. Topic: How to Access the Global Market.

April 4, 1994 – Speaker

The Press Club of San Francisco, Panel Topic: "Women in Positions of Power."

February 1994 – Published Article

NAWBOtime. Washington DC "International Alert" by Bren Norris.

December 1993

San Francisco Business Times Special Report: International Trade, features local businesses including BNA.

October 1993

Bren was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. "Global Warming."

September 22, 1993 – Speaker

Pacific Basin MBA Program, Dominican College of San Rafael "Business in the Pacific Rim, American Style."

July 1993

Women in International Trade Cover Story Bren Norris: Computer Entrepreneur Goes Global.

April 1993

Featured article in San Francisco Business Magazine entitled "Global Woman."

March 4, 1993 – Speaker

Golden Gate University Entrepreneur Forum: Entrepreneurs in High-tech Consulting.

January 8-14, 1993 – Cover Story San Francisco Business Times. People on the Move: Bren Norris.

Bren Norris was an elected delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business in 1995 in Technology and the Information Revolution. (Intellectual Property Law.) Through her lobbying, this recommendation was voted first in the western region and eighth nationally. This is the very first time that a technology issue was included in the top ten recommendations nationally.

She has since worked with the National Performance Review under Vice President Al Gore working with focus groups on the WWW site entitled the US Business Advisor. In August of 1997 Bren and the NPR team won the prestigious Hammer Award from VP Gore.

Articles Published

Spring 1996Eternelle Magazine, "High Tech Women"
 NAWBO, "International Alert"
March 6, 1995The Business Journal, "The Major Issues Facing Small Businesses Today"

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