Bren Norris: Biography

Founder and President

Bren Norris Associates (BNA), Inc.

Bren International
San Francisco CA
Tel: 415 564-7440
Fax: 415 664-1035



After the stock market crash in 1987, Bren had an opportunity to choose a lifelong passion and leave her position as stockbroker with Paine Webber and start her own business.

Previously on the East coast she had worked in the information systems industry with corporations such as Xerox and Pitney Bowes. Knowing the contract consulting industry and future of technology, Bren decided to open an agency for people with technical expertise.

Her achievements took her into the international market supporting her US clients in their overseas offices. Bren provides technical expertise on a contractual basis (i.e.: programming, client server, technical writing and LanWan design).

Her company provides a leaseback program where BNA will payroll employees of major corporations and lease their services back to them.

Her office is connected using the latest technologies such as online fax, Internet communication and WWW. Up-to-date technology keeps her communications running 24 hours a day in many different countries around the globe.

On the personal side, Bren is looking for a publisher to assist her in her first series of children's books. She has a deep love for music and her grand piano provides a balance in her daily schedule. She is also an accomplished public speaker. Her Speaking Engagements include presentations to such organizations as the SBA, PBWC, Press Club and several universities.

In 1995 she was an elected delegate to the White House conference on Small Business and worked on issues and recommendations to congress on intellectual property law.

Bren spoke most recently at the Governor's Conference for women on "Technology: Tool for Growth" and at the 7th Annual Business Conference for the Asian Business Association on "Women Warriors." She can be contacted at

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